Green Dinosaur Cartoon Character

Green Dinosaur Cartoon Character

A nature activist and 100% vegan – meet Peppy GoGreen! The super lovable green dinosaur cartoon character who loves hugs, cares for the environment, and enjoys spending his time with his best friends – the butterflies.

Peppy GoGreen is a friendly cartoon dinosaur with a green lifestyle. You will see him spreading positive vibes across 112 awesome dinosaur poses: concepts and emotions.

• Emotions: Peppy will surprise you with the full spectrum of emotions. While he knows how to find joy in the simple things, this green dinosaur cartoon character can be happy, sad, worried, angry, and even afraid when he sees a meteorite!

• Hand gestures: Peppy will support your message by performing various hand gestures. Thumbs up for approval, the stop gesture with palms when he disagrees, waving to greet your audience, and pointing in all kinds of directions.

• All-purpose concepts: You will see this friendly dinosaur character depicted in plenty of concepts. Peppy will announce promotions, spread the love, track the time, use a computer, travel with his bag, and of course, encourage recycling.

• Presentational poses: To meet all your presentational needs, Peppy GoGreen will hold empty stones and wooden boards, as well as mobile devices with empty screens. All allowing you to place and present your custom content.

Plus, you’ll see him depicted on a dozen background options. Just to make sure your designs are attractive and colorful!

Peppy GoGreen is the resemblance of every nature activist! He is ready to completely transform all projects about nature, recycling, zero waste, and green lifestyle, and make them more attractive.

This friendly and green dinosaur cartoon character is ready to join your next big visual project with 112 action poses, available for download as 112 Green Dinosaur transparent PNG images or 112 Green Dinosaur editable vector images.

Prepared in 12 Green Dinosaur animated GIFs, as well as a Green Dinosaur Adobe Character Animator puppet template to help you make awesome videos.

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