Long Neck Dinosaur Vector Mascot Illustrations

Get a fun and flirty vector mascot with an unexpected appearance! This long neck dinosaur vector mascot is ready to surprise your audience with positive vibes and flirty mood across 112 cool premade poses, illustrated in a fun dinosaur style.

Crafted in Adobe Illustrator CC, fully editable and scalable without any quality loss in graphic design software of your choice. Feel free to change colors, add or remove elements, and make other desired editing.

In this long neck dinosaur vector collection, you will find a diversity of emotions and hand gestures. You will see him being happy or sad, angry, bored and even confused. Moreover, he will wave, point in directions, give thumbs up, and perform other useful hand gestures.

We’ve included a plethora of useful concepts, too! You will see this long neck dinosaur interacting with plenty of different objects: a laptop, a stone phone, a telescope, a puzzle, books, a pencil, a calculator.

This flirty and fun dinosaur will pose with the LOVE sign or get broken hearted. You will even see him with a bouquet of flowers and a top hat like a real gentleman!

And you have a diversity of presentational poses to enter your custom content, too. Just use the poses where the vector dinosaur holds empty stones, wooden boards, and mobile devices with empty screens. All perfect to be filled with content of your needs, by using your preferred vector editing app.

The cherry on top, you’ve got a dozen eye-catching backgrounds to make your designs even more fun and attractive. You can copy and paste these backgrounds to other poses, as well.

This long neck dinosaur may be extinct but he proves that romance is still alive! With his fun and flirty appearance, he is ready to turn every boring design project into an exciting experience!

By downloading this package, you receive all 112 poses in the following file formats: source AI, as well as editable EPS and PDF vector files.

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