Long Neck Dinosaur Cartoon Character

Long Neck Dinosaur Cartoon Character

Well, this type of character may really be extinct and we are not even talking about the fact that he is a dinosaur! Meet Romeo DeExtinct – romantic to the bone, always a gentlemen, with good manners and a well-maintained mustache.

Our long neck dinosaur cartoon character can often be seen with a flower in his mouth, ready to seduce lady dinosaurs. But across 112 awesome concepts and emotions, you will find that this lover here is capable of so much more:

• Emotions: Romeo can express the full spectrum of emotions. While he is almost always in a good, flirty mood, this long neck dinosaur cartoon character can be happy, sad, confused, angry, and more.

• Hand gestures: Moreover, you will find a huge diversity of hand gestures – from waving to giving thumbs up and pointing left, right, and up to direct the attention where you need it.

• Conceptual poses: We already mentioned that this extinct guy is a real gentleman. You will even see him with a top hat and a bouquet of flowers! Moreover, he will pose by a huge sign saying LOVE, a broken heart, flying hot air balloons and plenty of universal conceptual objects. To name a few, this cartoon dinosaur will hold mobile devices, announce promotions, warn for danger, wave a flag, and more.

• Presentational poses: You will find Romeo holding pieces of parchment, empty stones and even wooden boards, all providing you with space to put your custom content: text, logo, design, etc.

Not to mention the collection of lovely background options. All prepared to help you add even more appeal to your designs!

This long neck dinosaur cartoon character is definitely the extinct type but a good reminder that romance still exists! If you want to make your designs and presentations fun and flirty, then Romeo DeExtinct is an absolutely great choice to consider.

This flirty dinosaur cartoon character is ready to contribute to your next big visual project with 112 diverse poses, available for download as 112 Long Neck Dinosaur PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 Long Neck Dinosaur Vector Images.

Available in a set of 12 animated dinosaur GIFs, as well as a dinosaur Adobe Character Animator puppet template.

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