Penguin Vector Mascot Illustrations

Get a lovable penguin vector mascot who comes from a land of ice but knows how to warm up to your audience from first glance.

This cute vector penguin wears a coat and boots, so he won’t slip and enjoy all kinds of activities on the ice. You will see him posing in over a hundred conceptual poses like emotions, hand gestures, presentational concepts, marketing concepts, and more.

All editable and scalable in vector editing software of your choice. Feel free to change colors and make new poses by using the gallery of elements.

First of all, this penguin vector mascot will help you convey all popular emotions. He will be happy, sad, bored, anxious, and more. He will perform hand gestures such as waving and pointing in directions, too

But most of all, this buddy loves activities related to ice! You will see this vector penguin eating ice cream, vector penguin skiing, vector penguin fishing, vector penguin with a captain hat, and more.

Not to mention the abundance of conceptual objects included in this set: a light bulb, a target board, arrows, a timer, headphones, sale boxes, and plenty of more to help you visualize your message every time you need it.

The diversity of presentational poses will allow you to enter your own text within the poses: empty sheets of paper, whiteboards, mobile devices with empty screens.

And of course, a dozen attractive backgrounds that will top up every design! Feel free to copy and paste on any other pose, as well, with the help of your preferred vector editing app.

This lovable penguin vector mascot can bond with your audience fast and easily! With his cute and playful clothes, and super adorable expressions, this vector penguin is ready to become the best assistant you’ve ever had!

All 112 poses come in convenient vector-based AI, EPS, and PDF file formats.

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