Penguin Cartoon Character

Penguin Cartoon Character

Here is a buddy who lives in the cold but is capable of warming the hearts of your audience at first glance. Meet Pingo Frost! Our adorable penguin cartoon character is here to get your project going with 112 conceptual poses and emotions.

Pingo does enjoy everything related to ice! Fishing in the cold waters, skiing, and enjoying a big tasty ice cream are among his favorite activities. However, this charming cartoon penguin excels at marketing and business, so let’s see what you can expect from him.

• Emotions and hand gestures: Pingo is usually all happy and excited, especially when he gets to interact with your audience. However, this cartoon penguin can convey the full spectrum of emotions. You will see him getting sad, confused, worried, bored, and more. He will wave, point in directions, and make other popular gestures with his hands.

• Conceptual poses: This penguin is an excellent sailor! You will see him wearing his captain hat with a huge smile on his face. Moreover, this adorable penguin with a coat will perform plenty of fun activities, such as skiing, fishing, and then cooking a tasty meal.

Moreover, this charming penguin cartoon character will hold for you universal symbols and signs, and he will interact with objects from the marketing kit: a crossroad sign, a magnifier, question marks, big arrows, a puzzle, a timer, gear wheels, a light bulb, the Stop sign, and a lot more.

• Presentational poses: Inside this set, you will find plenty of mobile devices with empty screens, empty paper sheets and whiteboards, all great to fit your custom content and give it the spotlight it deserves.

• Backgrounds: To make your projects even more attractive, you can use a dozen colorful backgrounds in cool and modern shapes, ready to catch the attention fast and easily.

To sum up, this adorable buddy who does love the cold will help you create a heart-warming presentation with no effort at all! Illustrated in a super appealing way, this penguin cartoon character Pingo Frost has got it all to visualize your ideas and bond with your audience with ease.

Available for download as 112 penguin PNG images on transparent backgrounds or editable 112 penguin vector images.

Also available in a set of 12 animated penguin GIF images and a penguin puppet template for Adobe Character Animator.

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    112 Action Poses

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    112 Action Poses

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    Basic Puppet

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    12 GIF Images