Sand Clock Clipart Premium PNG Transparent Images

A friendly sand clock clipart that comes as a set of 112 diverse poses, including emotions and conceptual poses. All images in this hourglass collection come as ready-to-use PNG files, so you can place them on your presentations and digital projects right away.

Within this sand clock clipart collection, you will find that this appealing buddy knows emotions just like he knows time. You will see him expressing the full spectrum of emotions. He will be a happy sand clock most of the time, but sometimes, he will be surprised, excited, anxious, and even bored.

This hourglass has hands and he knows how to use them, as well! He will wave at your audience, point in directions, and make other popular gestures and signs.

Moreover, we’ve included transparent PNG images of this sand clock holding business and everyday objects to help you visualize your concepts. To name a few, he will hold signs and arrows, cash, shopping bags, a stopwatch, and more handy objects.

We’ve included dozens of presentational poses, too. You will find this sand clock holding papers and mobile devices with screens facing your audience, as well as poses of him pointing at whiteboards.

This friendly hourglass knows that time is precious! Once he joins your project, he will use every second to make it appealing!

This collection of sand clock clipart contains 112 ready-to-use PNG images on transparent background in sizes of 1024px height for each pose.

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Enjoy a Diversity of 112 Sand Clock Clipart PNG Action Poses

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