Sand Clock Vector Mascot

A friendly sand clock vector mascot, prepared as a set of 112 poses including activities, emotions, and presentational tools.

This charming sand clock is crafted in Adobe Illustrator CC and comes in popular file formats AI, EPS, and PDF. This makes him 100% editable and scalable without any quality loss.

Although he looks glossy and fragile, this sand clock vector mascot is quite flexible. Within the collection of poses, you will find many useful concepts and emotions to support your message visually.

To name a few, this vector sand clock can express sadness, anger, happiness, and even boredom if needed. Moreover, he will use his hands to show popular hand gestures such as waving, pointing, giving thumbs up, and more.

To provide you with handy visual concepts, this vector sand clock will hold objects like signs, symbols, and arrows. Moreover, he can talk on the phone, use a loudspeaker, announce promotions, and a lot more.

To help you highlight your important content, this hourglass will hold for you blank papers, clipboards, mobile devices with black screens, whiteboards. All to be filled with your specific content.

This lovable sand clock vector mascot knows how to cherish every second! Once you put him in your project, he will become your audience’s favorite reminder that time is precious and they should take action now.

By downloading this set, you receive all 112 poses in the following vector file formats: source AI, EPS, and PDF.

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