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Get a super versatile and easy on the eyes empty board sign clipart, prepped in 112 hi-resolution PNG files on transparent background, ready to use on all digital designs and presentations without any editing.

In this board sign PNG collection, you will find all emotions and hand gestures you would need to appeal to your audience. For example, this empty sign clipart can be happy, sad, confused, even playful and loving. He will wave and point in directions on many occasions.

Plus, you will see this board sign clipart holding plenty of conceptual objects from the marketing kit: arrows, a question mark, a light bulb, a clipboard, a pencil, a timer, a crossroad sign, plenty of mobile devices, as well a lot of empty papers and whiteboards, all perfect to be filled with your custom information.

The board sign clipart itself is white and empty, so you can easily place your logo, symbol or sign there, too.

And you have a dozen attractive poses on backgrounds to bring color and excitement to your designs and presentations!

All 112 board signs PNG images come in a high resolution of 1024px height on transparent background, so you can instantly put them on your visual projects.

If you need a versatile and super friendly and lovable personage to add to your designs, then this empty board sign PNG collection is certainly a great fit for your needs.

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A Diversity of 112 Sign Clipart Action Poses to Choose From

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