Sign Vector Mascot Illustrations

Perfect for customization, universal and easy to adapt to your project needs, get a friendly board sign vector mascot with a face and hands, ready to engage your audience with 112 concepts and emotions.

Made in Adobe Illustrator CC. All fully editable and scalable in graphic software of your choice. Feel free to add your own logo, symbol or sign or the white surface of this board sign and make it completely unique for your project.

This road sign vector mascot can be happy, sad, excited, worried, and express a lot more emotions. He will wave, make funny faces, blow a kiss, and of course, show the direction on many occasions.

Moreover, this vector sign will interact with plenty of conceptual objects from the marketing kit. He will hold presentational boards, mobile devices, papers, books, sale boxes, a megaphone, a gift, a balloon, cash, etc.

And if you want to add a little bit more color to your digital designs, you can use a dozen poses on colorful backgrounds that will surely help you nail the attention.

What more would you need from a road board sign vector mascot? Not only you can customize it according to your taste and needs but you will receive a plethora of marketing concepts to get you covered for every situation.

The download archive includes all 112 premade poses the following vector file formats: source Ai files, EPS & PDF files.

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