Vector Star Superhero Mascot

Here comes your lucky star! A charming star superhero vector mascot, prepared in a package of 112 all-purpose poses.

This super star vector mascot is created in Adobe Illustrator CC which makes him editable in all graphic software. The download archive provides you with the source Ai files, as well as EPS & PDF, so you can change colors and make other editing if necessary.

In this set, you will find many poses of this star superhero interacting with objects from everyday life and the business world. All carefully selected to help you convey every concept and idea you might have.

You will see this vector super star holding different chart types, presentation boards, a question mark, arrows pointing at directions, and many more.

Moreover, he will help you highlight your content by holding many presentational tools, such as whiteboards, mobile devices with black screens and papers of different sizes. All suitable to place your content in graphic editing software.

In addition, this charming star superhero mascot can express the full spectrum of emotions. He will be happy and excited most of the time but when needed, he will be angry, afraid, shocked or even indifferent.

If all these superpowers aren’t enough to grab this vector super star for your next project, we will reveal one more. This guy knows how to win your audience’s hearts in seconds!

By downloading this collection, you get all 112 poses in the following file formats: source Ai files, EPS & PDF files.

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A Diversity of 112 Vector Star Superhero Action Poses for All Purposes

Star Superhero Vector Complete Set

The Power of Pure Vector

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Unfold Your Creativity and Make Your Own Poses

Preview of Star Superhero Vector Diy Custom Poses