Yeti Abominable Snowman Vector Mascot Illustrations

Can you be appealing and chilling at the same time? Ask this cool Yeti vector mascot here who comes in 112 awesome poses to entertain and engage your audience. Including plenty of fun concepts, appealing emotions, and even presentational tools.

Made in Adobe Illustrator CC, completely editable and scalable without any quality loss, in your preferred vector editing software. You are welcome to make changes according to your project requirements.

Among all vector Yeti poses in this set, you will see all popular emotions and useful hand gestures. Our friendly Yeti vector mascot can wave Hello and Goodbye, point in directions, say Sorry, give thumbs up. Moreover, he will be happy, sad, worried, even bored when you need him to.

We’ve included dozens of conceptual poses, too! To start with, you will find plenty of fun winter activities, great to make all marketing materials about the winter tourism way more exciting. You will see this Yeti skiing, building a snowman, and even taking a hot bath tub to represent spa and relax services.

Moreover, this Yeti will interact with plenty of conceptual objects like sale boxes, a megaphone, a crossroad, a puzzle, emails, mobile devices, luggage, and more.

You’ve got a diversity of presentational poses, too! You can use all whiteboards, paper sheets, and mobile devices with empty screens to enter your custom content. All you need to use is your vector editing app.

Plus, you get a dozen cool backgrounds to help you make your visual projects even more attractive.

What more would you need to make your winter designs stand from the crowd? This awesome Yeti vector mascot is ready to stand by your side and help you win your audience’s hearts!

All 112 poses in this set come prepared in handy vector file formats: AI, EPS, and PDF.

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