Astronaut Vector Mascot

A charming and skillful astronaut vector mascot that comes in a package of 112 diverse and useful poses.

This astronaut vector mascot is created in Adobe Illustrator CC and can be edited in all graphic software. The download archive includes the source Ai files, as well as EPS & PDF, so you can make the changes your projects require without any quality loss.

In this set, you will find many poses of the space boy doing fun space activities. He is depicted “fishing” for stars, holding the Earth, riding a rocket, and more. He also interacts with useful objects from everyday life and the business world like different chart types, presentation boards, a question mark, arrows pointing at directions, etc. Plus, he can express the full spectrum of emotions.

So, if you need an appealing astronaut vector mascot for your projects that comes with all the concepts needed to visualize your message, then this one is a great choice!

The download archive includes all 112 poses in the following file formats: source Ai files, EPS & PDF files.

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A Diversity of 112 Astronaut Vector Action Poses for All Purposes

Astronaut Vector Complete Set

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Preview of Astronaut Vector Diy Custom Poses