Astronaut Cartoon Character

Astronaut Cartoon Character

Speaking directly from Space Station “Toon” One. Johnny Moonwalker is on the line – the boy who dreams so big that he’s conquered outer space! It’s our pleasure to meet you with our brave astronaut cartoon character who doesn’t obey gravity, nor limits.

Johnny is fully ready to land on Earth and help you out with 112 emotional poses, concepts, and activities. He knows how to nail the attention and is ready to become the star of your visual projects. Here is a little bit more about his abilities:

• Emotions: Johnny is fully prepared to communicate with all the emotions you would need. He will be happy and excited, sad and disappointed, lost and hesitant, worried or even mad.

• Hand gestures: Our astronaut cartoon character also owns an arsenal of hand gestures like waving, yawning, pointing in directions, and many more.

• Activities: You will find poses of him working, eating, relaxing, enjoying music, talking on the phone, speaking through a megaphone and many more.

• Holding objects: He also interacts with a variety of objects to help you depict your message. Such objects are mobile devices, various chart types, presentation boards, everyday objects and more.

If you aim for a visual project that is out of this world, then we recommend you get Johnny Moonwalker by your side. He comes with a pack of 112 different poses in the form of ready-to-use PNGs or fully editable vector files – whatever you need!

Available for download as 112 Astronaut PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 Astronaut vector images.

Also available in a set of 12 Astronaut animated GIF images and an Astronaut puppet template for Adobe Character Animator.

Available Bundles Based on This Concept:

  • Icon Pngs



    112 Action Poses

  • Icon Vectors

    Vector Cartoon Characters


    112 Action Poses

  • Icon Puppets

    Adobe Character Animator Puppets


    Basic Puppet

  • Icon Gifs



    12 GIF Images