Butcher Adobe Character Animator Puppet Template

Butcher Adobe Character Animator Puppet Template

A little rounded, with an undeniable charisma and the ability to befriend everyone who meets him in his butcher shop. And he’ll do the same for your video project!

This lovable and friendly butcher Adobe Character Animator puppet template is all set with handy premade features and triggers. He can bond with your audience in no time, especially once they see him perform all kinds of adorable gestures and actions. Plus, his looks may even remind you of your favorite grandpa!

This butcher Adobe puppet can wave, give thumbs up, and point. He can also express emotions and follow you lip movements, as you speak on the mic and cam. Available for download in a ready-to-use Puppet file format.

● Expression Tracking
By using your cam, the butcher puppet detects and follows your eyes, brows, and mouth.

● Lipsyncing
By using your mic, this Adobe puppet follows your voice and recreates talking.

● Gestures Control
Use the mouse to manage the arm movements of this butcher puppet, and your cam – for the head movements.

● Facial Expressions
Use your cam and premade triggers to make this butcher puppet surprised, happy, angry, or sad.

● Hand Triggers
By using basic hand triggers, this butcher grandpa can point, give a thumb up, and wave.

This lovable butcher will make sure your audience is entertained and engaged at all times!

This butcher puppet template is ready to use on your next videos and streaming after downloading. All you need is Adobe Character Animator and basic knowledge of the software. Available as a Puppet file format.

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