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Get a lovable and friendly butcher clipart collection, ready to draw the attention of your potential customers with a genuine smile and enviable skills in the butcher business. Prepared in 112 high-resolution transparent PNG images, ready to use on all kinds of digital designs and presentations,

Among these 112 cool butcher PNG images, you will find plenty of emotional poses, hand gestures, thematic butcher concepts, as well as universal marketing concepts to use on various occasions.

For example, this friendly butcher clipart can be happy, sad, confused, bored. You will see PNG images of this butcher waving, giving thumbs up, and even pointing in directions with his knives.

But the diversity of thematic butcher concepts will really amaze you. You will see this butcher clipart cutting poultry, beef, pork, sausages. He will hold his knives in most poses, and he will even teach you about the rules of cutting beef and pork.

This friendly and chubby butcher clipart will also interact with popular objects from the marketing kit, so you can have a concept for every occasion. You will see a light bulb, a target board, a telescope, tablets and books, a gift, a sale sign, and more.

You can place your custom content on all poses with empty boards and paper sheets, and use the variety of backgrounds to make your designs even more catchy.

If you need a friendly butcher clipart with a rounded figure to make your butchery brand more appealing and welcoming, then this lovable fella can help you instantly with 112 diverse butcher PNG images.

The download archive includes 112 butcher clipart PNG images on transparent background (different poses – emotions and activities) in sizes of 1024px height for each pose.

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