Butcher Vector Mascot Illustrations

Make your potential customers feel at home! Get a friendly butcher vector mascot with a little rounded figure, a charming mustache, and a lovable smile. Prepared in a diversity of 112 vector-based poses of emotions, hand gestures, thematic butcher concepts, and universal marketing concepts.

Made in Adobe Illustrator CC. Completely editable and scalable without quality loss in all graphic design software that supports vector file editing. Feel free to change colors, and add/remove elements if your project requires.

Among all poses, you will find the most popular emotional expressions and useful hand gestures. This vector butcher will be happy, sad, confused, bored. He will wave, give thumbs up, and even point in directions with his butcher knives.

We’ve included plenty of thematic butcher concepts, too. You will see this chubby butcher vector mascot cutting poultry, beef, pork, sausages. He will hold various meat products and his knives on plenty of occasions.

In addition, you’ve got the most popular objects from the marketing kit included here, too. This means you will have a concept to represent every situation. You will see this vector butcher with a question mark made of sausage, announcing a sale with a plate of meat products, getting an idea with a light bulb, showing goals with a target board, using plenty of tablets and books, holding a gift, and more.

The diversity of presentational poses (empty whiteboards, paper sheets, mobile device screens) will allow you to place your custom content within the poses, and the variety of eye-catching colorful backgrounds will help you create even more awesome designs.

Bottom line, this adorable rounded butcher vector mascot is ready to create the welcoming atmosphere you need, across all your marketing materials and digital presence.

All 112 poses in this set come in convenient and fully editable vector AI, EPS, and PDF file formats.

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