Cute Bear Vector Mascot Illustrations

Melt your audience’s hearts with a super adorable and cute baby bear vector mascot with an aviator hat and goggles, prepared as a collection of 112 baby bear vector-based poses. Made in Adobe Illustrator CC and fully editable in all graphic software that supports vector editing.

This lovely baby bear aviator can express the full spectrum of emotions. You will see him crying and being happy, confused, surprised, and more. He will wave hello and goodbye and make various hand gestures.

Inside this cute bear vector collection, you will find plenty of baby activities and concepts. You will see poses of vector baby bear sucking on a pacifier, drinking milk from his bottles, playing with toys like a stuffed bear, rattles, balloons, celebrating his birthday with a cake, having a fever, having a bath and a lot more baby poses. All vector based and editable according to your taste.

Use the presentational poses to add your custom content. You will see this cute bear holding empty sheets of paper, as well as pointing as whiteboards. All these objects can easily be filled with your content.

For your convenience, we’ve provided popular vector file formats, so you can edit and scale as much as you need. The download archive includes the source Ai files, as well as editable and scalable EPS and PDF files.

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