Cute Bear Cartoon Character

Cute Bear Cartoon Character

A little furry fella with big dreams – meet Bearnie! The cute bear cartoon character who dreams to be an aviator, so he never takes his goggles off. But this cute cartoon baby bear is ready to join all your baby design projects with 112 adorable poses about baby and toddler life, as well as plenty of universal concepts.

• Emotions: This super cute bear cartoon character can express all kinds of emotions. Just like any baby, he can get upset quite quickly and cry the first moment, then laugh – the next. That’s why we’ve included poses of a sad and crying baby bear cartoon character, a happy baby bear, a sleepy baby bear, and more.

• Baby concepts: This adorable baby bear is illustrated with plenty of baby accessories and playing with baby toys. You will see him enjoying his bottles of milk, sucking his pacifiers, getting a bath, being measured on the baby scales, and playing with rattles, a stuffed bear, and other baby toys. You will even see this cartoon baby playing with a plane. He dreams to be an aviator, after all!

• All-purpose concepts: This super cute bear cartoon character can interact with universal objects, as well. You will see him packing his travel bags, holding big arrows to indicate trends, waving a flag, writing on a flipchart, announcing sales, and a lot more.

• Presentational poses: You have plenty of options to add your custom content within the poses. You will see this cute baby bear holding mobile devices with empty screens, empty sheets of paper, and even pointing at whiteboards. All are suitable to be filled with your content.

If you have a toddler and baby design project on your schedule, then this adorable and cute bear cartoon character will have you covered with 112 awesome baby poses to use on all occasions!

Available for download as 112 transparent Cute Bear PNG images or 112 editable Cute Bear vector files.

Also available as a set of 12 animated Cute Bear GIFs and a cute baby bear Character Animator puppet, too.

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