Horse Clipart PNG Transparent Images

Entertain your audience with a super lovable and funny blue horse clipart, made in a diversity of 112 hi-res PNG images on transparent background. Ready to use on all kinds of digital projects and presentations, without any editing.

This cool horse PNG collection includes all kinds of funny activities, marketing concepts and strong emotions to help you appeal to your audience.

For example, you will see this horse clipart being happy, sad, confused, even disappointed. He will wave, point in directions, and give thumbs up.

But let us begin with the diversity of conceptual poses! This horse surely knows how to have fun. You will see PNG images of this horse celebrating birthday with a birthday hat pretending to be a unicorn, and even receiving a hay bale gift with a ribbon.

Moreover you will see funny horse PNG images where he interacts with mobile devices, announces promotions, holds empty sheets of paper and whiteboards, all perfect to be filled with your own content.

Plus, he will hold universal symbols and signs like the Email symbol, a question mark, big arrows to indicate trends, a magnifying glass, a telescope, a target board, and more. You will even see this clipart horse with a whip!

This funny horse clipart collection may be exactly what your presentation misses in order to be 100% entertaining and engaging. With his funny appearance and undeniable charisma, this blue horse will befriend your audience in no time!

Created in 112 super handy PNG images, all with heights of 1024px, so they can fit a wide range of digital projects and presentations.

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Prepared in 112 Awesome Horse Clipart Concepts & Emotions

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