Horse Vector Mascot Illustrations

Looking for a super funny and engaging vector mascot to completely sweep your audience away in your next visual project? Get this horse vector mascot in 112 awesome concepts and emotions, ready to bring fun and excitement to every presentation and design.

Made in Adobe Illustrator CC, completely editable and scalable without any quality loss, in vector editing software of your choice. Feel free to change colors. You can turn this funny blue horse green, red, or even pink!

Once you browse all premade poses in this set, you will see that this vector horse can express all kinds of emotions. Besides being funny and entertaining most of the time, this vector horse can be sad, disappointed, and even worried. He will wave and point in directions, too.

But his fun personality cannot escape from him this easily. You will see this vector horse having fun on many occasions. He will put a birthday hat on pretending to be a unicorn and get a hay bale gift with a ribbon.

Moreover, with all conceptual poses included in this set, you will effortlessly announce Sales and promotions and illustrate various marketing concepts like talking on the phone, sending emails, taking notes, asking questions, traveling, getting ideas, and more.

Of course, you’ll find a diversity of presentational poses, too, where our funny vector horse poses with empty whiteboards and paper sheets, all great to be filled with your custom content.

Plus, you get a diversity of awesome backgrounds to help you make your designs even more attractive.

If your project lacks a fun and exciting vibe, then this horse vector collection surely has it all to make your designs entertaining and revolutionize the way your audience perceives your brand!

All 112 poses included in this set come in convenient AI, EPS, and PDF file formats.

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