Afro American Builder Cartoon Character

Afro-American Builder Cartoon Character

Your success will be cast in cement with this skillful man here! Meet Brick McClay – our Afro-American builder cartoon character, ready to convey trust and reliability across 112 poses devoted to building and the construction business.

Brick here never takes his safety glasses off, nor his safety helmet and protective gloves. It’s easy to figure that he’s strict in following the safety rules and he will be as strict with your business goals, as well. Here is what he has to offer:

• Emotions and hand gestures: Brick McClay is fully devoted to his job and we mean both in the construction process and on marketing terms. He is ready to appeal to your audience with the full spectrum of emotions and hand gestures.

You will see this Afro-American builder cartoon character being happy, sad, worried, bored, anxious, nervous, and more. He will point, wave, give thumbs up, and perform other hand gestures.

• Concepts: As a person, completely involved in the construction business, Brick knows all details and particulars in the field. You will see this cartoon builder skillfully using a hammer, a ruler, а leveler, a drill, and all kinds of other construction tools. You will see him building walls of tiles and a fence of wooden planks. He will present his construction plans on paper and even help you visualize your future home.

Not to mention the plethora of universal symbols and marketing objects in this set. You will see this cartoon builder announcing a sale with a Sale sign on a pile of bricks. He will also hold big arrows to indicate trends, a big pencil to represent drawing, a magnifier for searching, a question mark, the Email symbol, and more.

• Presentational poses: This Afro-American builder cartoon character will help you present your custom information like a logo, working hours, contact details, and more. Just use all the poses where he holds empty paper sheets, empty boards with wooden frames, and even mobile devices with empty screens.

If you still haven’t found the right representative for your construction and business brand, then this friendly and appealing builder cartoon character here is determined to help you build your way to success!

If you need a builder cartoon character to convey trustworthiness and reliability, then this African American builder character that wears all the safety equipment in his profession is ready to provide you with 112 great concepts about the construction business.

Available for download as 112 Afro-American builder PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 Afro-American builder vector images.

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