Alligator Cartoon Character

Alligator Cartoon Character

“See you later, alligator” may soon become your audience’s favorite phrase, since this fantastic alligator cartoon character here is ready to join your upcoming designs with 112 super fun and engaging poses. Say Hi to Jawey the Gator!

This green buddy has strong jaws and even a stronger desire to make your next visual project epic. In this set, you will find a plethora of marketing concepts, presented as fun situations and activities in the everyday life of this cool and friendly cartoon alligator.

• Emotions and hand gestures: This friendly alligator cartoon character can express all kinds of emotions. He will be happy most of the time but he may also get sad, confused, worried, and even angry.

He will wave Hello and Goodbye, say Sorry, show some love, and even make a funny face. Plus, point in directions, give thumbs up or even raise hands in panic.

• Concepts: Needless to say that this cartoon alligator loves water! So, you will definitely see him dipping in the river, wearing an inflatable swim ring, fishing, holding an umbrella in the rain, and even more thematic and fun alligator concepts.

You will see him craving a tasty dinner, being romantic with a rose in his mouth and a heart in his hands, and even enjoying victory with confetti and a trophy in his hands. But this cartoon alligator will interact with so many more conceptual objects to represent all kinds of marketing concepts: a light bulb, a magnifier, a timer, a target board, a flag, and more.

• Presentational poses: Jawey will allow you to add your custom content within the poses, too. This friendly cartoon alligator will hold empty whiteboards, empty papers and clipboards, even mobile devices with empty screens to provide you with space for your custom information.

Surprise your audience with a character they surely won’t have expected! This interesting and fun alligator cartoon character is ready to set a good mood and add fun vibes to every design project he joins.

All 112 poses are available for download as 112 Alligator PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 editable Alligator vector images.

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