Baby Tiger Cartoon Character

Baby Tiger Cartoon Character

Prepare to hear the sweetest Roar ever! This adorable baby tiger cartoon character is ready to join your upcoming baby projects with 112 cute baby tiger poses.

His name is Cub Amber, inspired by his beautiful amber-colored fur. But this cub called Cub definitely loves to experiment with color! How adorable are those differently colored socks? Let’s see what this cartoon baby tiger collection includes:

• Emotions and hand gestures: This cartoon little tiger can express the full spectrum of emotions. Let’s not forget that he is still a baby – she can get upset and cry, then pretty quickly switch his mood to laughing. You will also see this baby tiger smiling or sleeping when tired.

Cub Amber will help you direct your audience’s attention – he will point in directions, give thumbs up, say Hello, Bye-Bye, Sorry, and even Boo!

• Baby concepts: This adorable baby tiger cartoon character will provide you with plenty of baby concepts. You will see him celebrating his 1st birthday, playing with baby toys, being measured on the baby scales and meter, getting a bath, sitting on his potty, and of course, enjoying his pacifier and a bottle of milk!

• All-purpose concepts: But this cute cartoon baby tiger will interact with plenty of everyday objects, signs, and symbols to help you convey numerous marketing concepts. Cub will pop from a gift box, announce sales, look through a telescope, speak through a megaphone, read books, use all kinds of mobile devices, indicate trends with arrows, show goals with a target board, and even more.

• Presentational poses: This sweet little tiger cartoon character will help you present your custom content, too. You will see him holding a variety of empty whiteboards, clipboards, and even mobile devices with empty screens. All suitable to be filled with content of your needs.

This absolutely lovable baby tiger cub is here to provide you with 112 appealing toddler and baby poses to join your next big visual project! With his heart-melting appearance, your audience will quickly fall in love with your ideas and your baby brand.

This baby tiger cartoon character set is available for download as 112 Baby Tiger PNG images or editable 112 Baby Tiger vector files.

Also available as a set of 12 animated Baby Tiger GIFs and a Baby Tiger puppet template for Adobe Character Animator.

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    112 Action Poses

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