Builder Cartoon Character

Builder Cartoon Character

He arrives with a toolbox full of 112 concepts and emotions to help you build the project of your dreams. Meet our builder cartoon character – Hoyt Hammer!

This skillful builder knows that the way to success is surely not easy but it does start with a strong foundation. If you want to create a strong foundation for your building and construction business, then go ahead and see what this cartoon builder has to offer.

• Emotions and hand gestures: Hoyt Hammer loves his job and does it all with a smile but in this set, he comes in a plethora of emotional states to help you appeal to your audience effectively.

You will see this cartoon builder guy being happy, sad, worried, disappointed, frustrated, sleepy, and even angry. He will perform plenty of hand gestures by pointing, waving, giving thumbs up, and more.

• Concepts: Being in the construction business, you will surely find plenty of poses referring to building and construction. For example, this builder cartoon character will hold a hammer, a ruler, а leveler, a drill, toolboxes, and more. He will build walls of tiles and a wooden fence. He will draw construction plans on paper and even hold a tiny house to help you visualize your future home.

But inside this skillful builder cartoon character set, you will find an abundance of marketing objects and universal symbols, too: a sale sign, big arrows, a big pencil, a magnifier, a question mark, a puzzle, an envelope, a flag, a loudspeaker, cash, and a lot more.

• Presentational poses: You can easily present your custom information, too. This friendly cartoon builder will hold empty paper sheets, empty boards with wooden frames, mobile devices with empty screens, all great to be filled with your logo, text, contact details, etc.

If you still haven’t found the right representative for your construction and business brand, then this friendly and appealing builder cartoon character here is determined to help you build your way to success!

Prepared in 112 awesome concepts, available for download as 112 Builder PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 Builder editable vector images.

Available Bundles Based on This Concept:

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    112 Action Poses

  • Icon Vectors

    Vector Cartoon Characters


    112 Action Poses