Cartoon Cookie Character

Cartoon Cookie Character

Who’s making all this noise in the kitchen? Meet Chef Crunchie – the cookie cartoon character who has a crack for a mouth, a tiny chef hat, and quite a crunchy crust!

Chef Crunchie knows how to steal the show not only on the cooking stage but in all kinds of visual projects, as well. Want to know a little bit more about him?

This cookie cartoon character comes in a package of 112 poses including all the emotions you can think of, action poses of him performing activities, and poses of him interacting with objects. To name a few:

• Emotions and hand gestures: Chef Crunchie is quite an emotional cookie character. He can be upset or really excited. He can be confident or completely lost. Moreover, he can show simple emotions like being just happy or sad.

This cracked cookie character with choco drops will also perform useful hand gestures – pointing in directions, waving, giving thumbs up, etc.

• Conceptual poses: Chef Crunchie is depicted interacting with various objects – some of them related to his chef profession, others are just objects from everyday life, and objects from the business world, as well. All carefully picked to help you visualize your concepts.

To name a few, you will see this crunchy cookie holding a birthday cake, big arrows, mobile devices, a target board, a pie chart, a light bulb, the Email symbol, a question mark, etc.

• Presentational poses: Chef Crunchie will help you out with a set of typical presentational poses, such as holding blank papers, blank screens, or pointing at presentational boards. All to be filled with content of your needs.

If you want to make your project more perky and attractive, then this cookie cartoon character is most certainly an amazing choice. Prepared in 112 cracking good poses that will cover all your needs for an attractive personage to communicate with your audience.

Available for download as 112 Cookie PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 Cookie vector images.

Also available in a set of 12 Cookie animated GIF images and a Cookie puppet template for Adobe Character Animator.

Available Bundles Based on This Concept:

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    112 Action Poses

  • Icon Vectors

    Vector Cartoon Characters


    112 Action Poses

  • Icon Puppets

    Adobe Character Animator Puppets


    Basic Puppet

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    12 GIF Images