Cartoon Fireball Character

Cartoon Fire Character

♫ This boy is on fire. He’s walking on fire… Oh, wait. This mad guy here IS the fire himself! Meet Maddy OnFire – our fire cartoon character who will gladly join your next project or presentation with 112 diverse poses including emotions and interaction with objects.

• Emotions and hand gestures: Maddy is quite mad most of the time but who are we to judge him? He’s constantly up in flames! His expressive angry mood will give you extra points if you use him on projects aiming to warn or educate about fire as a natural disaster. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that this fire cartoon character can express all other kinds of emotion, as well. You will see him be happy and playful, indifferent, worried, or even be cool (the irony, huh).

• Fire-theme poses: Maddy is depicted in a variety of thematic poses, as well. He will hold a matchstick, reach for a fire extinguisher, hold a “No fire” sign, hold firewood logs, and even roast a marshmallow stick on him.

• Marketing concepts: We’ve made sure to include many all-purpose poses, as well. You will find this fire cartoon character holding cash, a target, shopping bags, as well as all kinds of mobile devices with black screens that can be used to place your content. With a similar purpose, you can use the poses of the cartoon fire holding blank papers and pointing at whiteboards.

To sum up, Maddy OnFire is a great choice of a fire cartoon character if you need to make your fire-themed project visually more appealing and effective.

Available for download as 112 Fire PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 Fire vector images.

Also available in a set of 12 Fire animated GIF images and a Fire puppet templatefor Adobe Character Animator.

Disclaimer: No objects were burned while illustrating this fella!

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