Chinese Dragon Cartoon Character

Chinese Dragon Cartoon Character

A loop or two, here comes Fireloops the Dragon to revive the Chinese mythology right in your next big visual design. Our Chinese dragon cartoon character is quite fun and entertaining. He is ready to present a show not only in the air but in your presentation, too!

Well, Fireloops may be fictional but he’s up for a not-so-fictional success. With all his 112 diverse poses featuring elements from Chinese culture, universal marketing concepts, emotions and hand gestures, presentational poses, and even cool backgrounds, this Chinese dragon cartoon character will make you believe dragons have immense powers indeed.

• Emotions and hand gestures: Our funny Chinese dragon cartoon character will surprise you with a plethora of emotions. He will be happy and entertaining most of the time but when the situation requires, he may get sad, confused, dizzy, flirty, and even angry blowing smoke through his nose.

• Conceptual poses: Fireloops really knows how to have fun up there in the air. He will talk on the phone for hours, celebrate his birthday with a birthday cap, celebrate his victory with a trophy and confetti, or simply chill with a cup of coffee depicting the Yin and Yang symbol.

But this cartoon dragon will interact with plenty of elements from the Chinese culture, as well. You will see him holding Chinese lanterns, a Chinese paper umbrella, wearing a Chinese straw hat, eating Chinese soup, serving Chinese sake drinks, hitting a Chinese metal gong, and more.

But Fireloops knows that you’ll need universal marketing concepts to use on many occasions. He will pose with a big question mark, the Email symbol, a crossroad sign, a target board, a puzzle, a do-not-cross tape, flags, a timer, a telescope, and more.

• Presentational poses: This big red flying dragon cartoon character will hold for you empty papers, empty boards, a flipchart, a clipboard, and plenty of mobile devices with empty screens, all suitable to be filled with your custom content.

Bottom line, this red Chinese dragon cartoon character promises a super fun experience! He will surprise you with plenty of concepts to use on all occasions. Although being fictional, this buddy knows how to achieve a quite real success for your next big design!

Available for download as 112 Chinese Dragon PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 Chinese Dragon editable vector images.

Also available in 12 animated GIF images, as well as a Chinese Dragon puppet template for Adobe Character Animator.

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