Construction Worker Cartoon Character

Construction Worker Cartoon Character

Construct your path to success! This super friendly and reliable construction worker cartoon character with a chubby figure but undeniable expertise in the field is here to offer you his help with 112 diverse poses of building and construction activities.

With Tuck Construct, the working process is a pleasure! This guy literally knows the ABC of building. With such a skillful partner in the business, how can your audience stay indifferent? Let’s see what this cartoon construction worker has to offer:

• Emotions and hand gestures: Tuck Construct will surprise you with a huge diversity of emotions. You will see this cartoon construction worker being happy, sad, worried, and even angry if things don’t go as planned.

Moreover, he is really good at performing hand gestures. You will see him waving, giving thumbs up for approval, pointing in directions and more.

• Concepts: Tuck Construct knows all details in construction from A to Z. In his arsenal of tools, you will see this cartoon construction worker using a hammer, a ruler, а leveler, a drill. He will carry his toolbox and other equipment with him. He will build walls of tiles and a fence of wooden planks. Plus, this construction worker will help you visualize the home of your dreams!

To have a concept for every occasion, you can use the diversity of universal symbols, signs, and conceptual objects included in this set: a sale sign, arrows to indicate trends, a big pencil to represent drawing a construction plan, a magnifying glass for searching, a question mark, a light bulb for ideas, a trophy for winning, and more.

• Presentational poses: This chubby and friendly construction worker cartoon character can easily present your custom information like a logo, working hours, contact details and more. For this purpose, we’ve included poses with empty paper sheets, empty boards with wooden frames, and even mobile devices with empty screens.

Step by step, tile by tile, this friendly chubby construction worker cartoon character is ready to help you build your way to success! Once he joins your next designs and presentations, Tuck Construct will make sure to convey expertise and reliability through all his 112 concepts about the construction business.

Available for download as 112 Construction Worker PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 editable Construction Worker vector images.

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