Fat Cat Cartoon Character

Fat Cat Cartoon Character

Some extra calories can definitely work in your favor when you have an audience to impress! Meet Mr. Plush – a super adorable, bold, and funny fat cat cartoon character, ready to become your audience’s favorite pet with a diversity of 112 awesome concepts and emotions.

Yeah, his true passion may be laying around in the sun all day long… But for you, Mr. Plush is willing to make an exception! With all the positive vibes that he radiates and the fluffy cuteness that cannot leave anyone indifferent, this cartoon fat cat is definitely a find you cannot miss!

• Emotions and hand gestures: Mr. Plush is the cat who loves attention. And we mean, he knows how to get attention with ease! This fat cat cartoon character will express a huge spectrum of emotions with no effort at all. You will see him being happy, sad, angry, disappointed, excited, and even bored.

He will point in directions, wave Hello and Bye, raise signs for Stop, Thumbs up, and more.

• Conceptual poses: This adorable fat cat cartoon character is a cat who loves simple pleasures. You will see Mr. Plush chilling in a cup, enjoying a fish, and even drinking milk to treat himself for doing a good job.

Speaking of a good job, this awesome cartoon fat cat will do so much for your business and marketing needs! You will see him holding different objects like a loudspeaker, a phone, plenty of mobile devices, a timer, a magnifier, sale boxes, popular chart types, and presentational boards, all to help you depict popular marketing concepts.

He is also perfect at communicating different activities like relaxing, eating, winning prizes, being in a hurry, warning of danger, and more.

Sure, this fat cat would love to play with a ball of yarn from time to time but hey, who doesn’t?

• Presentational poses: You may think he’s lazy but when you need work done, he’ll get it done! This adorable and fluffy fat cat cartoon character will hold for you empty whiteboards, empty sheets of paper, and even mobile devices with empty screens – all perfect to fit your custom content. How good is that?

If you thought that cats just lay all day round doing nothing, then Mr. Plush is about to change your mind completely! He is definitely the perfect fat cat cartoon character if you want to impress your audience from first sight.

Available for download as 112 Fat Cat PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 editable Fat Cat vector images.

Also available in 12 animated Fat Cat GIF images, as well as a Fat Cat puppet template for Adobe Character Animator.

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    112 Action Poses

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    112 Action Poses

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