Kiwi Bird Cartoon Character

Kiwi Bird Cartoon Character

Planning to audition for the main role in the next Fast & Furious movie, we present to you Mr. Fast Wheels – the fastest kiwi bird cartoon character you’ve ever met! That, of course, he achieves with the help of his personally handmade little vehicle which helps him to move around super fast.

This kiwi bird cartoon character is here to show that he is not only excellent in driving but he can become the best brand ambassador you can ever have!

• Emotions and hand gestures: If he dreams of becoming an actor, he must know how to convey emotions. And sure, he does! You will see this cartoon kiwi bird being happy, sad, surprised, even worried and angry. He will say Hello, Goodbye, Sorry, and he will even yawn when tired.

• Conceptual poses: We know, we know, the wings of a kiwi bird do not have a very good reputation… But hey! Who needs these wings to fly when they can effortlessly point in various directions and hold numerous conceptual objects?

You will see this cartoon kiwi bird enjoying kiwi and other exotic fruits, giving gifts and hearts, announcing sales, reading books, using all kinds of mobile devices, and even getting ready to travel… probably to Hollywood!

• Presentational poses: Plus, you will see this kiwi bird cartoon character posing with whiteboards, empty papers, and even mobile devices with empty screens. All great to be filled with your custom content.

This cartoon kiwi bird was born to be a star! With his fun and lovable personality, he will definitely become your audience’s favorite once he joins your next big design project.

Prepared in 112 awesome concepts, available for download as 112 Kiwi Bird PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 editable Kiwi Bird vector images.

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