Old Cartoon Turtle With Glasses Character

Old Cartoon Turtle With Glasses Character

“Slow and steady wins the race” and this guy will do it with wisdom and grace! Meet Shelldon Slow – our old cartoon turtle with glasses character who has gathered over a hundred experiences in his lifetime and is ready to share them with your audience across 112 awesome action poses.

Inside this collection of an old turtle cartoon character, you will find plenty of emotions, all kinds of activities, interactions with objects from the marketing and business kit, presentational poses to place your custom content, and even more. Let’s get into detail:

• Emotions: Shelldon will be happy to share his emotions with your audience. You will see this old cartoon turtle with glasses character smiling and being happy or being worried, afraid, or sometimes even bored. He may even get sleepy and take a nap on a pillow!

• Hand gestures: This cartoon old turtle is depicted performing all useful hand gestures, as well. To name a few, you will see this old turtle waving hello and goodbye or pointing left and right. He will give thumbs up and make even more popular hand gestures.

• All-purpose concepts: Shelldon Slow is definitely a turtle worth your attention. You will see this guy doing all kinds of activities – from everyday activities depicting simple pleasures (holding a cup of coffee, playing with balloons, working out, taking a selfie) to activities from the business and marketing world (speaking on a megaphone, holding cash, taking care of customer service, announcing Sales, etc). We told ya, this old cartoon turtle with glasses character has serious experience!

• Presentational poses: Of course, you will find plenty of useful presentational poses here, as well, where Shelldon holds mobile devices with black screens and empty sheets of paper, and points at whiteboards. All these objects can be filled with your preferred custom content.

While Shelldon is used to pacing slowly on his life journey, be sure that he knows how to attract success fast! This old cartoon turtle with glasses character is ready to contribute to your designs and presentations with 112 action poses as 112 Old Turtle transparent PNG images or 112 Old Turtle vector images.

Moreover, this cartoon turtle is prepared in 12 great animated GIFs to help you add some dynamics to your visual projects. Downloadable as an old turtle Character Animator puppet, as well, to help you make awesome videos.

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