Potato Cartoon Character

Potato Cartoon Character

Mr. Sprout-n-Proud is a nice potato cartoon character – a bit sprouted here and there but still good. Definitely wise and experienced in presentations and visual projects. Not perfectly good-looking and shiny but hey, who is perfect though?

Mr. Sprout-n-Proud is based on the concept of a sprouted and imperfect potato cartoon character who conveys experience, professionalism, and knowledge. He is a cartoon character who wears glasses and therefore, conveys reliability and wisdom.

Within this package, you will find numerous poses of Mr. Sprout-n-Proud expressing emotions, interacting with objects, and performing activities. All carefully crafted to help you visualize your ideas and communicate your message better.

• Emotions like happy, sad, worried, excited, mad potato cartoon character, and many more. Also, a diversity of hand gestures like waving, yawning, pointing at directions.

• Holding objects: this sprouted potato cartoon character is depicted holding different kinds of objects like mobile devices, chart types, presentation boards, and more.

• Action poses: He is depicted working, eating junk food, relaxing, listening to music, talking on the phone, and many more.

An imperfect potato cartoon character is sometimes the perfect choice in order to connect with your audience. If you feel that Mr. Sprout-n-Proud is your guy, you will find him in a diversity of 112 poses!

Available for download as 112 Potato PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 Potato vector images.

Also available in a set of 12 Potato animated GIF images and a Potato puppet template for Adobe Character Animator.

Available Bundles Based on This Concept:

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    112 Action Poses

  • Icon Vectors

    Vector Cartoon Characters


    112 Action Poses

  • Icon Puppets

    Adobe Character Animator Puppets


    Basic Puppet

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    12 GIF Images