T Rex Cartoon Character

T-Rex Cartoon Character

Okay, it’s time to clear the reputation of this bad boy here. Unless… you need him to be bad. Good or bad, this T-Rex cartoon character can be anything you want, and he brings 112 poses (from 68 million years ago) to prove it.

Just kidding! All these poses are quite fresh and new. After all, who would believe they used tablets back then? Just imagine if they did. No need to imagine, though. Scroll down to see all 112 awesome concepts and emotions this T-Rex serves to the table. Here is a quick review:

• Emotions and hand gestures: Tyran here can express the full spectrum of emotions to help you convey everything you need. He will be playful and happy, angry, bored, and even worried to see a meteorite coming. He will wave and give thumbs up, point in directions to guide your audience.

• Conceptual poses: Sure, we all know the reputation of the T-Rex. He was a bad boy, so you will see him in several interesting concepts here. He will drink beer, ride a motorbike and play the guitar like a real rock star!

But sure, Tyran can present some universal handy concepts for you to use on any occasion. Remember the tablet we mentioned above? That, and plenty of other mobile devices like laptops and cellphones are among his personal arsenal.

Of course, this T-Rex dinosaur can also announce promotions, talk on the phone, and do plenty of everyday activities to help you depict any kind of concept in your mind.

• Presentational poses: Moreover, Tyran will provide plenty of space for you to enter your custom content: parchment, stones, wooden boards, and even a graveyard stone all great to be filled with your custom content: text, logo, design, etc.

• Backgrounds: You’ll find a collection of background designs to help you jazz up your projects even more.

Bottom line, a bad boy can definitely make a good design! If you need to catch the attention fast and efficiently, grab this collection of 112 T-Rex cartoon character poses, prepared as 112 transparent T-Rex PNG images or 112 fully editable T-Rex vector images.

This T-Rex is available in 12 animated T-Rex GIF images, as well as a T-Rex puppet template for Adobe Character Animator.

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