Turtle Cartoon Character

Turtle Cartoon Character

Aloha from Kanye A’loha! Meet the turtle cartoon character who’s living the best of his life among Hawaiian reefs and fish. His good mood and positive vibes show across a diversity of 112 poses included in this set.

Kanye loves to spend his free time in the turtle canyon, indulging in adventures. But once occupied with your big visual project, this turtle cartoon character will do his best to impress your audience. Let’s see what Kanye can do for you:

• Emotions: This cartoon turtle is almost always in vacation mode. He lives in Hawaii, after all! So, you’ll often see him being happy and excited. However, if the situation requires, this cartoon turtle will express worry, boredom, and even anger.

• Hand gestures: Kanye will help you direct the attention of your audience towards the desired area. You will see this turtle cartoon character pointing left and right, waving hello and goodbye, and performing all kinds of popular hand gestures.

• Hawaiian & All-purpose concepts: Kanye A’loha may be a native Hawaiian but he knows the ins and outs of doing business. You will see him interacting with all kinds of objects from the business and marketing world: mobile devices, headphones, a calculator, a megaphone, sale boxes, the email symbol, big arrows, and more.

But his true passion is all adventurous activities you can do in Hawaii. Of course, you will see this cartoon turtle wearing a typical necklace of flowers over his favorite Hawaiian shirt. He will enjoy an ice cream, surf, sail on a boat, and even enjoy a Hawaiian cocktail in a coconut. What a life to live!

• Presentational poses: Kanye A’loha will gladly present your custom content if you need. You will see this charming Hawaiian turtle posing by whiteboards and holding empty boards, all allowing you to place your text, logo, or other information.

If you want to put your audience in a mood for adventures, then Kanye A’loha is definitely the right guy for the job! With all his 112 poses and awesome Hawaiian outfit, this smiling turtle cartoon character is ready to completely captivate your audience and bring you success.

All 112 action poses included in this set are available for download as 112 transparent Turtle PNG images or 112 Turtle vector files. You will also find a set of 12 animated Turtle GIFs to help you add dynamics to your project.

Available as a turtle Character Animator puppet, as well, to help you make awesome videos.

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    112 Action Poses

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    112 Action Poses

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    Basic Puppet

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    12 GIF Images