Bread Cartoon Character

Bread Cartoon Character

Ding! Your toast is ready… to enter your next big design project with 112 poses – freshly out of the toaster and still steaming. Meet Brenda McToast! Our slice of bread cartoon character who dreams of becoming a chef someday.

Yep, Brenda just loves to wear her little chef hat and oven glove. She makes wonders in the kitchen but she is even better when representing marketing concepts. This cartoon bread toast is ready to appeal to your audience with 112 emotions, concepts and presentational poses.

• Emotions and hand gestures: Brenda McToast is the emotional kind of bread. She will be happy, bored, afraid, worried, and even sad when she’s out of butter. But she will also wave hello and goodbye, point in directions, give thumbs up, and perform more hand gestures.

• All-purpose concepts: This bread toast is always steaming hot but according to the situation, she will provide you with plenty of concepts from the marketing kit to use on various occasions.

You will see her interacting with a megaphone, cash, big arrows, a question mark, a puzzle. She will help you announce promotions, visualize goals and deadlines, and even show some activities in the kitchen to help you represent all kinds of metaphors.

• Presentational poses: This slice of bread cartoon character will also meet your presentational needs. She will hold empty paper, mobile devices with empty screens, and even point at whiteboards. All great to place your custom content.

Sometimes, you will see this cartoon bread toast covered with jam. At other times, you will see her a little bit too grilled. But she is always fresh and steaming hot, ready to stand by your side with 112 powerful concepts.

Available for download as 112 toast bread PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 toast bread editable vector images.

Plus, this cartoon Big Foot character is available in 12 toast bread animated GIF images, as well as a toast bread puppet template for Adobe Character Animator.

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